Our scope today is on the development and manufacturing of oncology injectables, both ready to use solutions and lyophilized powders. At Teva Pharmachemie we have the knowledge and expertise to carry out R&D and production of classic injectables and new technologies like ProDrugs, Super Generics and Liposome formulation. 


Inhalation products could be dry powder formulations in asthma and COPD but also in new treatment area’s like insulin. Our Cyclohaler™ inhalation device is open for license to interested parties and formulations can be designed to operate with the Cyclohaler™ system. The Cyclohaler™ operates by using capsules to carry the inhalation powder. Inhalation capsule filling is part of our centre of excellence programme. The  use of a single dose capsule system guarantees flexible dosing options with a direct access to an inhalation device. No long term development of a specific device is necessary.